Saturday, January 22, 2011


There are many reasons why Meriter Hospital was named one of Thompson Reuters Top 100 Hospitals. The excellent care I received, the beautiful facilities, their commitment to excellence. Those are all great criteria, but it's the little things that really stood out for me. Like the afternoon CNA who cared for me right after I got out of recovery - Zac. Not only was he a hottie, but he wrote on my white board "Welcome Becky!!" with a little smiley face. He made sure I could find my glasses, and was quick to come in when I hit my call button.

The hospital is actually known to have good food. Their cafe is supposed to be excellent, and I believe the general public is invited to dine there any time. But for patients, we have room service. No filling out a meal card for me - I jut called down, and they actually answered "Room Service, what can I do for you?" And yes, my food was good. Visitor can order as well so they can eat while they visit. (Karl opted for McDonalds - BLECH!)

It was actually an enjoyable stay.

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Jill said...

Wow! Glad to hear you were in such a top notch facility with such a good staff! I bet it made a big difference. I think I read somewhere that once you've had this kind of surgery, you're not allowed to vacuum EVER again. Make sure Karl knows! LOL! :-)