Thursday, January 13, 2011


Five more days.
I'm trying to keep busy to make the time go faster. Today is normally a day off, but I'm going in to work to help with inventory at All Through The House (the other store I work for). At least it's warm there, I won't have to layer up.
Then tonight is Katrina's first orchestra concert. I will try not to cringe at all the squeaky violins, but it will be really hard. I'm so glad she chose cello (except that I have to carry it to and from school!), it's not quite as earsplitting.
Mom and dad are coming to the concert, and they're bringing pizza for dinner! They found a great hole-in-the-wall place halfway between our houses. Home-made pepperoni. It is to die for, and I don't usually like pepperoni!

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p said...

Hope concert was fun!! Miss you guys. Keep looking at Baxter 's butt on my phone!