Monday, February 14, 2011

Another holiday birthday

It's Valentine's Day, a "holiday" that doesn't have much meaning for our family. Instead we celebrate something else: ten years ago, Katrina was born at 2:14 on 2/14.

Wow, double digits. I could get all sappy and say how time flies, it seems like only yesterday, etc. But it doesn't really. It just makes me feel old.

Since tonight is her piano lesson, we celebrated last night with dinner out (her choice - Chinese!) and then a trip to Culver's for ice cream. We had birthday cake last Thursday when my Mom and Dad were here. Katrina's birthday cake choice? Cheesecake! She opted out of a party this year (thank goodness!). Instead we're taking her annual trip to a museum, and she gets to bring a friend. She chose the Field Museum in Chicago (again). She absolutely loves that place. Then it's my favorite part - on the way home, we'll stop for dinner at Portillo's (Mmmm, a Big Beef with sweet peppers!). Now, I just have to wait the 11 days until we go.

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