Sunday, February 20, 2011

Turning The Corner

I've reached a bit of a turning point in my recovery. I guess you could say I'm recovered. I'm back to doing my normal things, although people keep telling me I shouldn't be doing some of it. I feel back to normal. I'm starting to exercise regularly, and at a higher intensity than I thought I could. I guess the blog is at a turning point too; no longer about my cancer battle. Now it's about the fitness battle.

I rode my bike today - in the basement, while watching the Pee Wee Herman Show from 1981 (Yeah, I'm a dork. I know). Indoor riding is tough because it gets boring so quickly. And because I can look around and see all the things that need to be done. I start to feel guilty about it, so I cut my ride short. That is my biggest battle: getting everything done and still having time to exercise. But I do have a goal, and that's a big step. I'll be riding a charity ride in May, and I want to ride at a respectable pace, and not feel guilty about holding Karl back (well, he usually drops me and I'm left to fend for myself anyway)

Let's talk about guilt.
The green monster made an appearance at our house recently, and it was not pretty. No, I don't feel guilty for neglecting the housework on a regular basis to knit. I'm not feeling guilty for having impure thoughts about men in spandex, that will continue guilt-free. Maybe I feel a little guilty when I reach for that third scone, but it is whole grain, and it is home-made! No, this was Katrina's first big-time guilt. She got in trouble at school, and didn't tell us. She hid the evidence, and it was eating her up! She finally fessed up last night at bedtime. That explains why she's been having trouble sleeping the past couple of weeks. We got it all cleared up, she is getting punished (no iPod until friday), and what do you know? She slept like a baby after that (thank goodness, because I was exhausted!)
So, now it's about guilt-free exercise. Think I can do it? I'll need a BIG cheering section!

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Jill said...

Here's my suggestion (and I wish *I* would listen to myself! LOL!): You do so much for K & K, but think of how much more you could do for them if you made YOURSELF a priority and worked on your health for THEIR sakes.

Good on Katrina for 'fessing up! Hope you got some good sleep, too! :-)