Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm not ashamed

You may or may not already know that I am riding in the Stars and Stripes Challenge at the USA Cycling Professional Championships in May. This event raises money for cancer research and advocacy, something which I now know about firsthand.
I've sent out a lot of emails and letters asking for donations. Initial response has been great, and I'm already close to my goal. I'm hoping I'll have to readjust that goal and move up to the next tier of incentives. I'd really love to ride the Pro Time Trial course before the race. But often, donations fly in right away, then taper off. A little reminder starts the cycle over again.
Please don't be offended if you recieve multiple messages. I understand that people are busy, or they just don't have a lot of extra cash right now. Those messages are just "friendly reminders" from me.
So if you'd like to donate on my behalf, go to . Click DONATE, then find my name on the drop down menu - Rebecca Baumeister. I would really appreciate it.

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Jill said...

I love that you're doing this! I'll expect lots of photos of you in your spandex! LOL!