Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Back at it

I went back to work today for just half a day. I should have done the full day. There's less to do at work than at home.
This time of year is always slow at the store - kids are still enjoying their Christmas toys. But wow, four hours, and only one person crosses the threshhold. That person is looking for a gift for their daughter's boyfriend. "I think he likes games." So, I show them some great games: Killer Bunnies, Luck of the Draw, etc. "Oh, I don't know if he likes games that much." AARGH! Just give him cash and let me get back to my knittng then.
I did get a knitting project finished, though. A quick trip on the blocking board, and it will be ready to send to the recipient.
The cold weather has everyone in a tizzy. Yeah, we won't hit double digits again until friday. But it's February in Wisconsin! It gets cold. Put on a sweater (or two) and quit your whining.
Another doctor's appointment tomorrow. I think we're going to start "re-inflating." That will be interesting.

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