Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sore butts and cats

OK, yes, I'm sore in the backside region. And the hamstrings. I did stretch before and after my run on Sunday. I expected to be a bit sore. But, wow. I was in some difficulties yesterday going up and down the stairs. I even did more stretching yesterday. It helped for a while.

Then, last night, it occurred to me, it's not from my running. On saturday, I gave the cat her first bath since my surgery. I used to lean on the bathtub while I washed her. Now I can't rest my upper body on the tub, so I had to squat the whole time. That's why my butt hurts! And yes, I said I gave the cat a bath. She gets regular baths because she's "special" - she's a hairless breed, and she needs regular bathing to remove the oil that builds up. I call her "Sally the Naked Wonder Cat." Needless to say, wintertime is a challenge for her to stay warm. She'll snuggle with her buddy directly in front of the heat vent. And if the furnace kicks on and she's elsewhere in the house, she'll immediately run to her spot! Sally also spends a lot of time under the blankets - you have to check before you sit anywhere. I made her a sweater (yes, I'm a crazy cat lady), but she won't wear it - I guess she doesn't like argyle.

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