Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snug and Cozy

The Snowpocalypse has come. The wind is whipping at about 32 mph, and it's snowing. They've already cancelled school tomorrow, and Karl doesn't have to go in to work. I was "on call" for the store, but I got the call about that too ("Stay home - nobody's going to be shopping.") We're stocked up on groceries and cat food (because that 3/4 mile to the store would be treacherous).

There was a little excitement today: First of all, I walked Katrina to the bus and felt pretty good. Then around midday, our new computer was delivered! I almost didn't answer the door, good thing I did. Then, I picked up Katrina and the cello from school. I made her carry the cello, I know she can. The wind was aleady starting to get bad after school, luckily, I broke the rule and parked in the bus lane when I picked up Katrina (I played handicapped - but NOT in the handicapped spot, don't worry)

I made some fabulous chicken a'la king and cherry cobbler for dinner, going to cast on a new knitting project for February (a sweater for Katrina), we're all tucked in, and all 3 of us are clad in polar fleece and handknits (OK, well, I'm wearing the handknits), so let's hope the power doesn't go out.

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Jill said...

Wow -- you KNOW it's cold if people in Wisconsin are buckling down! Stay warm!