Sunday, February 13, 2011


Well, since Jimmy the Groundhog was snowed in for Groundhog's Day, I have no idea if this spring-like weather we're having is an actual spring, or just a teaser. Either way, I'm taking full advantage.

Karl has agreed to be my fitness coach, and so far, has put more effort into the project than past years when he's agreed to be my fitness coach. He made me a fitness log and a schedule. The schedule does include indoor spinning, but the bike hasn't made it in from the garage yet. I'm trying a new approach: intervals. I'm starting small - I did just have major surgery, ya' know - 10 minutes of slow walking/fast walking. I did that 3 times in the last week after dropping Katrina off at the bus. I'm not sure of my time for those days though because Karl's watch got waterlogged and so he's wearing mine. I did go half a mile each time.

Todays beautiful weather was just calling me, so I donned my cold-weather tights (and my watch!), and was able to run/walk for 13 minutes - a whole mile! I could have gone more, but I didn't want to overdo it. I think I was even a little overdressed, my jacket was hanging open after only a few blocks! I think this will be my routine for at least a week - temps will be about the same as today for at least that long (I hope).

I haven't done any running since last summer, and it was amazing how comfortable it was to run without "the girls" flopping up and down! I'll be doing much more running, I'm sure of it. I just need to steal my own watch back.

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Yay yay yay!! We can totally play.