Thursday, February 17, 2011

What a weird day!

Actually, the weirdness started last night. The phone rang at about 10:15. As usual, I was in bed, 3/4 of the way asleep. So, I made Karl answer the phone (I didn't want to get cold!), and it was the automated call system from school - no school thursday. Then the cell phone rang (we knew who it was, so we didn't answer), the the land line rang again and it was the auto-call again! So, then all 3 of us were wide awake. Katrina didn't get back to sleep until almost midnight (which translates in to me not getting to sleep either because she keeps coming in to tell me she can't sleep!) Then I thought: "aaahh, I can sleep in because there's no school." So, of course, Katrina woke up at 5 and climbed in to be with me, promptly kneed me in the kidney, then fell asleep. I never did get back to sleep.
That isn't the weirdest part. The reason school was cancelled was due to so many teachers calling in "sick" so they can attend the protest rallys at the Capitol. There had better be school tomorrow, or else we're getting in to adding extra days of school in June territory.
So, Katrina had to accompany me to my doctor's appointment - no big deal, she just stayed in the waiting room and read. My portion went smoothly: 50cc bigger
and I have noticeable boobs again. Same routine next week. And, what do you know? No school next thursday.
Then we had to take the car in for an oil change and investigate the "clunk, clunk" noise. She wasn't thrilled about that, so I sweetened the deal with a trip to Arbys for lunch. It turned out good because they have free WiFi at the car dealer's, so Katrina got to watch some You Tube and I emailed Karl about the "Clunk" diagnosis while we waited.
Home in plenty of time to get the soup started for dinner.

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Cherilyn said...

Just got your note on my blog. I think I know who you are, but I couldn't find your email to confirm. you can email me at!

All the best as you recover from surgery and charge ahead. Looks like you aren't wasting any time!