Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Breathe now, while I still can!

It's going to be another crazy few days. No school thursday or friday, so I have the kid to contend with - that always makes things interesting.

Thursday is the easy day, just a doctor's appointment in the afternoon and band practice at night. Mom and Dad are coming over; mom's cooking dinner and I'm making dessert. What should I make? Chocolate cake usually wins.

Friday is Katrina's birthday trip. Instead of buying her something that a) she doesn't need and b) I'll end up picking up all the time, we take her to the museum of her choice. This year, once again we'll be visiting Chicago, and the Field Museum - her favorite. On the way home, we'll stop for dinner at Portillo's. I have finally graduated to the "Big Beef" and I can taste it already!

Saturday is the craziest of the weekend. I have to work the first half of the day, then will be playing with Ladies Must Swing at our "Dance Party Extravaganza" in Madison. I missed the last couple of gigs with the Ladies because of my surgery. I'm looking forward to getting back in to the swing of things (pun intended).


beadntat said...

I wish you lots of energy! The Field museum is amazing, but there's a lot of hoofing it involved. Just think, one day K may graduate to the Art Institute-my personal favorite. Happy celebrating!

Jill said...

How did the big trip go? Let me know when LMS has cds back in stock so I can order a couple.