Friday, March 4, 2011

Another busy weekend

It seems like I lounge around all week, and then, BAM! The weekend hits and I'm off and running.

Tomorrow's itinerary: morning gig with the Ladies ( we start playing at 8:45am, UGH), then straight to work at Giggles where it's "Game-A-Palooza". Hopefully, that will bring in some business. After work, I have my "fitness test" and, hopefully, some ice cream before bed.

Sunday, the Girl Scout troop has a ski trip. I'm playing lodge bunny: sipping cocoa and knitting on some awesomely cool striped socks. I suppose I'll check on the four first-time skiers a few times, play photographer, throw a few snowballs (if there are any - right now it's raining)

Then, monday I can relax again!

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