Monday, March 7, 2011

Probably More Than You Needed To Know

Yes, I'll admit, this may be TMI, but so many people seem amazed at this process, I thought I'd go in to a little more detail. Plus, I had an awesome conversation about it yesterday that I just have to share.
So, I keep mentioning "inflation." I'll eventually have breast implants put in. But, placing the implants at the time of the mastectomy surgery puts too much stress on the tissues. So, instead, they put in tissue expanders. Essentially, they are balloons with injection ports. Each week, the doctor injects about 4 tablespoons of saline through the ports (just under my skin) and into the expander, slowly stretching the tissues until I am the size I want to be. When I reach that point, I have a second (and much easier) surgery to place the permanent implants. Those of you who know me in person, know I was a busty girl - DD cup. Right now, I think I'm an A cup, and I don't plan on going much bigger than a B cup. That's the advantage of this method, I can choose my size, and if I feel like I want a little more, it's no problem.
Something else you may not realize, is that when they do a total mastectomy, they remove everything "breast related" - that includes nipples and areolas. So, right now, I'm "blank." You do have to option of nipple reconstruction, and then they can tattoo areolas back on. I was telling someone about that yesterday, and how I'll probably not do that, and she said "Oh, you should have the tattoos, but get something fun instead - like smiley faces or suns!" I'm considering it.


Jennifer (Avivah) said...

What? You're not going to have Ted King tattooed "there"? Or the Tour de France lions? lol I don't know if I could make such a permanent decision...

catnurse said...

@Jennifer - SSSHHH! Now he's gonna know, and want to see the artwork!