Monday, March 14, 2011

Oooh, Pretty!!!

It's no surprise that I am a stereotypical woman - I loves shoes. It's genetic (you should see my mom's closet!). But I don't have as many shoes as I used to thanks never having a desk job and pregnancy. Wow, I never know feet could change that much! Being on a tight-ish budget, shoes are on an "as-needed" basis. So, when Karl says "You need better cycling shoes" I am certainly not going to argue. New shoes are new shoes, no matter what the purpose. I was just as excited when I got my new Wellies as when I found the perfect pair of 40's style heels to wear for the Hangar Dance.

Shoe shopping with a man is not fun. There's a lot of sighing and grumpy looks. But not this time! On Saturday, we made our annual trip to Bike-O-Rama: the spring clearance sale put on by a couple of local bike shops. There are always great deals, and if you don't buy anything else, you buy inner tubes and a new pair of socks. Karl made a bee-line to the women's shoes, and we made our way past the aisle-blocking strollers, and pulled out a couple of pairs to try.

They had a ton of these. So cute, and they
match my bike - I even have flowers on my
seat! Sidi shoes are really nice, and really
expensive! These were on sale for $189. A
great deal, but a little steep for us right now.

So, in the end, I got some pretty white shoes with blue and silver which, incidentally, matches my bike. The obligatory socks are self-explanatory. Now, if it would just warm up enough to wear them outside.

On Sunday, Karl actually passed on a ride with the local group so he could ride with me - outside. It was a gorgeous day, maybe 40 degrees, but nice and sunny with no wind. And I actually have the proper gear to wear in that weather (thank goodness for my mountain bike shoes, even if they are too narrow). We headed out towards the lake, and Karl was nice enough to turn towards home just before it got too hilly. We did about 13 miles in just over an hour. It was the first time Karl and I have ridden together in a LONG time., and definitely not the last. Hopefully, I'll be fit enough for him not to drop me when we ride the Stars and Stripes ride in May.

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