Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Update

Karl was so very kind and generous - he shared his cold with me. I feel pretty miserable today - I hope the Zicam starts kicking in.
I took Katrina to the bus, and forgot to bring her cello. So, I had to hurry home and drive Mr. Cello to school, because the 4th graders were performing their solos for the 3rd graders, right at the start of the day. I made it right in time - she was even waiting at the door!

I won't bore you with the remaining details of my uneventful day - morning nap with the kitties, "stock-up" trip to Woodman's (15 lbs of flour, 1/2 gallon of maple syrup, 8-pack of kleenex, etc), tried to shift the car with my soda bottle. Now it's time for Katrina to come home from school so I'm sure there will be much drama.

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