Sunday, March 27, 2011

Date Night

So, Katrina is spending her spring break with Grandma. Nine whole days of peace and quiet! So what do parents do when the kids are away? Date night, of course! Here's how ours went: Around mid-afternoon, he says "Do you want to go to the sale at Willy Bikes, then out for some dinner?" Me: "Sure, I need a new helmet and a new saddle bag, since you stole all my bike accessories." Him: "OK, where do you want to go eat?" Me: "I dunno, I'm not hungry enough to think about it." A couple of hours later, we make our purchases at the bike shop. BONUS - I get new cleats because they're on sale. Now I don't have to use his old ones for my hand-me-down pedals. No free popcorn at the shop, though. I remember that we pass a good BBQ place on the way home, so we stop at Famous Dave's, and enjoy the "Feast For Two" - served on a garbage can lid. It's been a while since we had good BBQ, and it sure hit the spot. Not exactly a romantic choice though. On the way home, we stop at the RedBox for a movie - you can't go wrong with Will Ferrell. We're home by 6:30, watch the movie, and are fast asleep by 10pm. I think we need a little more excitement in our lives, or maybe we're just getting old.


Fresco Opera Theatre said...

I would say that is pretty romantic. On our date night a few weeks ago, we went to Great Dane for fish fry, then to Dejope to donate 20 bucks to the tribe. Then home to watch a recorded episode of Tosh.0 - and I think we were a little more wild than you. We were sleeping by 11.

catnurse said...

And the romance continues on Sunday with some indoor exercise. No, get your mind out of the gutter! We did a spinning workout (too cold for outside!)