Monday, March 28, 2011

Thanks USPS!

I got some interesting news over the weekend.

I've been tracking my donations for the Stars and Stripes Challenge. I'm doing quite well. Right now, according to the website, I'm tied as the leading fundraiser. But that amount is only the online donations. When you add in the checks and cash I have recieved, I've raised twice that amount. But the checks I mailed to the nice people in Greenville haven't been added to the total yet. So, I sent a nice email asking where they were.

Their reply? They don't know. They haven't received any checks from me. In fact, they haven't received a lot of other people's checks either. It seems the USPS has conspired against them. Kevin, the nice I man with quite the southern accent, who I spoke with on the phone yesterday, told me they're having trouble with the PO Box they rented. In fact, when he mailed the check to pay for the PO Box, he mailed the envelope inside the very building the envelope was addressed to, and they never received it! That post office obviously has some major issues.

He's fairly certain my envelopes will make their way back to me, but I am doubtful they'll make it before the deadline. I'm glad I kept good records of who sent what and when.

So, for all of you who have not yet donated, I urge you to do so online at Just click Donate under the Stars and Stripes logo, then find my name under the drop down list (Rebecca Baumeister), and follow the prompts to complete your donation. I'm getting really close to my goal of $2500 (and I really want the reward for reaching that amount), so please give what you can.


catnurse said...

Well whaddya know? Two envelopes came back today!

Jill said...

Just getting caught up with your blog and made my donation on-line. Hope you have reached your goal!