Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yeah, I'm griping about the economy.

We all know the economy is in the toilet. So-called experts keep saying it's improving. Well, I don't know where they're looking, because here at home, it continues to suck.
I work in retail, an independently owned business in our little town. The last year has been rough. We've cut our staff - between the two stores, we have three regular employees. We've cut our hours - during January and February, we were only open four days a week. Even our inventory is down.
I often joke about how I am able to get a lot of knitting done at work. There have been days where we had zero sales for the day. That's tough. It's hard to make payroll when there's no money coming in. Today, it just seemed slower than usual. We had some sales, nothing to shout about, but better than zero. I'm guessing it was the snow, although by 10 am, the roads were fine.
I had my knitting, and I made a serious dent in the pair of socks I'm working on. I knit so much that my hands got tired and I had to take a break for a while and read a cookbook (copied down some yummy recipes - a perk of working in retail!). My boredom barometer is set by how motivated my boss (the general manager) is for the day. I think we went off the scale today. I think she set a record for non-store related busy-work. I believe she also read a cookbook, she baked a pan of brownies (and had to make a trip to the market for some ingredients), and she fell asleep - TWICE! She said she sat down on the stairs and dozed off for 15 minutes, woke up and rolled over (!?!), and fell asleep again for 15 more minutes, until someone came into the store. Lucky for her, it was a friend of hers.
I can honestly say that I have never fallen asleep at work, yet...

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